"as original as they come, listening to everyone but beholden to no single influence; Eales demands your attention with the force of his musical personality and keeps it with his musicianship" - Budd Kopman (Cadence USA)



Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by.

First of all I'd like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

2023 was an immensely difficult year for me. I lost Shirley, my partner for over 45 years last March and in December Dad passed away at the grand old age of 97.

I pray that 2024 will be less stressful for me, my health will be better, and that God will give me strength to continue fulfilling my musical dreams.

I am hoping to develop my musical "Spirit of the Mine" very soon after being put on ice for just over a year.

A couple of albums are planned for this year with my latest musical collaborator, the legendary improvising vocalist, Maggie Nicols. One will be song-based, the other a free-wheeling improvised one. I am also planning to collaborate with a few other very creative musicians very soon. Watch this space!

Looking forward to seeing you on one of my gigs in the coming months.

Geoff (January 4th, 2024)