"as original as they come, listening to everyone but beholden to no single influence; Eales demands your attention with the force of his musical personality and keeps it with his musicianship" - Budd Kopman (Cadence USA)



Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by!

You don't need me to tell you that the last 15 months have been very difficult and stressful for us all, but hopefully there will be much better days ahead very soon.

In March I reached a big milestone. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to celebrate my 70th birthday in style because of Covid restrictions. The plan now is to celebrate in September with a grand party at the lovely 1901 Arts Club in Waterloo. The music and wine will be flowing freely as I launch two brand new albums on the same day.

I have just finished recording "Memoir" for solo piano. Recorded at Nick Pugh's studio at Wingrave in the heart of the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, it is dedicated to the memory of those special people and places that have played such an important part in the story of my life. My friends are so very special to me and have raised me up whenever I have been feeling down during these challenging times. I thank you one and all. Talking of friends, I never stop meeting new ones. My latest is a real character. He is a performer/writer. His name is Ray Roughler Jones and he hails from Swansea. He recites three of my poems on "Memoir" with incredible style and gusto.

I shall be going back into the studio shortly to record "Love Sacred and Profane" which, as the title implies, is all about love with all its complexities and contradictions. The principal messenger in the drama will be the amazing vocal improviser, Brigitte Beraha. The CD will also feature cameo performances by two other great singers - Jacqui Hicks and Jenny Howe. The trio will comprise myself, bassist Matt Ridley and drummer Sophie Alloway, with guest appearances from flute virtuoso Andy Findon and the brilliant cutting-edge saxophonists Jason Yarde and Mark Lockheart.

Meanwhile, I am still busy working on my musical "Spirit of the Mine". A website dedicated to this project will be up and running very soon. Watch this space!